91-h8obtUkL._SL1500_Raising A Verbal Child: Give Your Child a Life-Long Advantage

Can you decipher these recent text messages sent by high school students?

  • “btw we r goin to pza hut at 6 if ya wanna go bring $ can u bring my coat 2”
  • “tbh i cant wait 4 skool to be over!!!! i cant take n e more i need a brake i got a job at mcdonalds starting nxt wk”
  • “r u friends with that new girl gabby shes so kewl! i didnt know she was a balet dancer did u”

It’s no wonder many parents, teachers and professors are concerned about kids’ inability to communicate—to punctuate, spell and form coherent sentences! Within a few years, many of these teens will be parents, teaching the next generation. How can we transition from this text-messaging, abbreviation-loving generation to children with strong verbal skills that spill over into strong writing and reading skills?

Raising a Verbal Child is an idea-packed guide for parents, grandparents, babysitters, teachers and anyone involved in the lives of young children up to age seven. Learn from nine powerful chapters how you can provide a solid foundation, raising confident kids who communicate clearly. Then choose from 100-plus activities in bonus chapters to put what you’ve learned in motion. The child you love will benefit for life—guaranteed!

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Shaped by the Potter's Hands Cover 2Shaped by the Potter’s Hands: A 52-Week Devotional for Sunday School Teachers

As a teacher, are you still learning? still “on the Potter’s wheel,” being molded and transformed by His touch? This devotional ebook is designed for your use each week prior to class time to help you prepare your mind and heart.

Each of the 52 devotions contains a scripture passage along with its application to you or your teaching. It will so stimulate your thinking that you’ll want to keep a small notebook with you for your personal response to God! He wants to work through you to impact your students for His Kingdom. Are you ready to be used by Him?

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