Praying Psalm 1: Among the “Godly”

I can remember a man in my home church who had what you might call a “prayer persona.” When he prayed over communion or at the end of a service, his voice went into a deep bass singsong… Read More

Praying Psalm 77: The Right Focus

There I was again, doing what I’d done dozens of times before—laying awake, shooting advice at the ceiling, giving God reason after reason why He ought to do what I wanted. I cried, I pouted, I fumed, I… Read More

Praying Psalm 101

At this time of year we hear a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions. Some of us make them, some don’t. Some of us love the accountability, some of us happily skip the self-imposed guilt! And we… Read More

Praying Psalm 136: The Bedrock of His Goodness

Thanksgiving week is here! In the midst of turkey dinners and family gatherings, tail-gating and football games, we may lose the reason for the day. How can we bring focus to giving thanks to God for His gracious… Read More

Praying Psalm 29

I love a summer storm! Our back porch is my favorite sheltered storm-watching spot when rain pelts, thunder rumbles, and lightning flashes across the sky. Maybe, like me, you enjoy watching from a safe place—or maybe you fear… Read More

Praying Psalm 121

Feeling alone? discouraged? Feel like you’re at battle, nearly overwhelmed by the Enemy? Psalm 121 is great comfort! Its eight verses are packed with assurance that God is beside us at all times. David may or may not… Read More