Praying Psalm 136: The Bedrock of His Goodness

Praying Psalm 136: The Bedrock of His Goodness

Thanksgiving week is here! In the midst of turkey dinners and family gatherings, tail-gating and football games, we may lose the reason for the day. How can we bring focus to giving thanks to God for His gracious love? Psalm 136 gives us one easy way.

Much of Israel’s thanksgiving was a continual recital of God’s past goodness. Over and over, Israel was encouraged by Moses and other leaders to remember, remember, remember what God had done for them.

Psalm 136 is a beautiful, poetic example of this kind of remembrance. The psalmist recites Israel’s history in phrases, following each phrase with “His love endures forever.”
• In the majesty of creation, His love endures forever.
• In the miracle of deliverance from threats, His love endures forever.
• In the magnanimity of His provision, His love endures forever.
Undergirding every moment of their lives, was His love.

Has God created you and redeemed you? Remember the generous greatness of His mercy; consider how different your life would be without Him.

Does God appear to be silent in your moment of need? Remember former times when He didn’t seem to be listening and then, suddenly, there He was speaking clearly into your crisis.

Has God allowed a great sorrow to descend on you? Remember other times when He was with you in the middle of sorrow and carried you.

Each of us could write a psalm like Psalm 136, reciting our own encounters with His goodness. Under every line, just like bedrock, would be “His love endures forever.” This Thanksgiving, plan some quiet time with the Lord to write your Psalm 136. Remember, and give thanks for His love that endures forever.

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5 Comments on “Praying Psalm 136: The Bedrock of His Goodness

  1. Hi Diane…I was not really familiar with psalm 136 so I took out my bible just now and read it….Gods love always gets us through the days. I know that God is faithful with His promises and will continue to be with us. He has carried me through all the difficult times in my life. I think the psalms are so inspiring….I made myself a book of my favorite ones and have them memorized and they help me through the days. Thanks so much for all that you do…..

    • I think it’s interesting to take a Psalm like 136 and try to write a personal one like it. We focus on how His love has and will endure forever in the happenings of our lives—an every-day reason for Thanksgiving!

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