#30: Leave Your Past in the Past

#30: Leave Your Past in the Past

Welcome back to our study of Mark’s gospel, Knowing Jesus! So glad you’re here.

Today we sum up Mark’s fifth chapter. In it, we met three people in seemingly hopeless situations:
• a demon-possessed man (vs 1-20; see post #27: Hope for the Hopeless)
• a woman sick for twelve years (vs 21-34; see #28: Changed By His Touch)
• and a dying—then dead—young girl (vs 35-43; see #29: A Platform for Praise).

Read back through Mark 5.

All three “main characters” had two things in common.
(1) Under the Law they were unclean.
(2) Jesus compassionately, fearlessly touched them. He changed their circumstances and their lives, leaving them eternally grateful.

Demons Banished

In the demoniac’s case, not only was he unclean due to a large host of indwelling demons, he also lived among the tombs. Numbers 19:16 said, “Anyone who touches a human bone or a grave will be unclean for seven days.” His daily contact with graves made him continually unclean.

In an instant, Jesus ridded him of the demons that tortured him, restored his sanity, and enabled him to go back to his family with a powerful story of redemption. “Go. . . tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you,” Jesus commissioned him.

Disease Banished

The woman with an issue of blood had spent twelve years in an unclean state. According to Leviticus 15:25ff, not only was she unclean, but so was anyone or anything that came in contact with her.

When her fingertips brushed the hem of Jesus’ robe, her suffering was ended, her exile from society over. Her old life was gone, and a new one had been given.

Death Banished

As for Jairus’ little girl, anyone who touched her dead body would be unclean. A priest or religious teacher was never to touch a corpse, except for a member of his immediate family. In fact, a high priest wasn’t even allowed to enter a building where there was a dead body (Leviticus 21:11) because, for the sake of his ministry, he couldn’t allow himself to become unclean.

At Jesus’ touch, death gave way to life, her lungs filled with air, and her family and friends turned from mourning to dancing. The future that had seemed lost to her was bright with hope.

The Old Is Gone, The New Has Come

Many of us have been in seemingly hopeless situations, some by our own poor choices and some by trouble that came upon us. We may find it hard to let go of the past, still feeling fearful, shadowed–”unclean”–unworthy of God’s gift of freedom, healing, or new life.

Jesus is not put off by your past, whatever it held. There’s no stigma, shame, or trouble that He hasn’t seen before. Anything satan could pin on you, Jesus took to the cross. He cancelled it (Colossians 2:13-15) and broke its hold on you forever. The freedom He’s bought you is really yours.

Listen to these amazing words: “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1) Do you understand? He’s replaced your old story with a new one! The only reason to recall your past now is to “Go. . . tell how much the Lord has done for you, and how He has had mercy on you.” Don’t be afraid. Accept the new, and leave your past in the past.

© Diane McLoud 2013

6 Comments on “#30: Leave Your Past in the Past

  1. God gave us free will and everyday we make choices. I am so grateful that Jesus died to save us from those demons that come from making the wrong choices in our lives. They can certainly take over your life if you let them. I’m also thankful that God understands we are human and He is always there to pick us up when we fall.

    • I think it must be so hard for God to watch us stumble without taking over, saying, “Here, I already told/showed you what to do!” He guards us while letting us learn—sometimes the hard way. He’s perfectly wise and perfectly good. Thanks for the comment, Sherry!

  2. A great study Diane! I needed this to add to my spiritual life & do Gods work according to His will…you are such a blessing!

    • Thanks, Laura! Isn’t it awesome how God always speaks to our need through His Word?

  3. Hi Diane, How are you? The more I read about the Lord, the more I realize that He is constantly teaching us things. Sometimes I am more aware than others. Sometimes, I look back and say, wow, I should not have said that, or maybe I should have said or done something. I pray that I can be more aware of His presence and His leading……….thank you very much Diane and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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