James: Faith Meets Reality—Live Out Your Faith!

Today we wrap up our study of James. Thanks for joining me as we’ve learned how Faith Meets Reality. I’ve enjoyed sharing this journey with you, and am already looking forward to the next study that brings us… Read More

James 5:13-20—Rescue for the Weary

How would you define the difference between being tired and being weary? Think about it for a moment. Have you ever been bone-dead-weary, worn out from a lengthy struggle of some kind? Listen to a good description of… Read More

James 5:7-12—Prepare To… Wait!

  You’ve heard people joke, “Never pray for patience!” I’ve not met a single person who likes to wait, who enjoys being patient—and I’ll bet you haven’t either. When we ask for something, we want it now—if not… Read More

James 5:1-6—What Is and What Should Be

I once heard a great story about Tony Campolo (a well-known Christian teacher and activist who—for the record—has taken a recent stance on several moral issues that fails to match the biblical quality of his early ministry). He… Read More

James 4:13-17—Deo Volente

Are you a list-maker? Time-management experts insist that lists are vital if we want to accomplish something with our days. They promise, keep a to-do list and you’ll get things done! I see the logic, but I’ve discovered… Read More

James 4:11-12—No Right to Judge

  Suppose… You enter a courtroom by way of the judge’s chamber door. You’re wearing the judge’s robe and wielding his gavel. You sit down in his chair behind the bench. You speak forcefully, calling the courtroom to… Read More

James 4:7-10—The Ten Commandments of James or How To Get Close to God

Most anyone who knows anything about the Bible has heard of the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are the foundation of the Old Testament Law, a summary of how to be close to a holy Almighty God. The… Read More

James 4:1-7—When Answers Don’t Come

  Tonya* wanted a better job. She’d prayed a long time for a position that would be higher-paying and physically less taxing than her current job. She brought the need to our prayer group. We began to pray… Read More

James—The New Testament’s Proverbs

This has been a trying week for our family—our own chance to “consider it all joy” (James 1:2)! We’ve admitted my mom, who suffers from dementia, to a nursing facility. It’s been a six-year journey—one some of you… Read More

James 3:13-18—Two Ways to be Wise

Last week’s study covered control of our tongues—an uncomfortable subject that steps on our toes. At some point we’ve all spoken words we regret, words that hurt someone, words that set off a sad chain reaction. This two-line… Read More