James 5:7-12—Prepare To… Wait!

  You’ve heard people joke, “Never pray for patience!” I’ve not met a single person who likes to wait, who enjoys being patient—and I’ll bet you haven’t either. When we ask for something, we want it now—if not… Read More

James 2:14-26—Visible Faith

It was autumn of the year 1517, and the Catholic priest Martin Luther had a problem. He was increasingly troubled by the church’s do-this-do-that approach to godliness, especially when the required deeds had a big price tag attached…. Read More

James 1:1-12—Purposeful Pain

Hi! Welcome to our brand-new study of the New Testament book of James—Faith Meets Reality. I’m expecting this journey to be much shorter than the one we just finished (nearly two years studying Mark’s gospel!). This study will… Read More

James: Faith Meets Reality

  “Life stinks!” So read a small sign dangling in the rear window of a passing car—a pricey sporty BMW. Most of us assume a person able to afford a car like that would have life pretty good…. Read More

#93: No Doubt About It

“I just can’t believe it!” Maybe you’ve said those words at some point, when you heard news that seemed beyond comprehension. In today’s study, we’ll see this reaction from Jesus’ disciples when the women brought word of His… Read More

#87: The Right Orientation

A few days ago, Jim was trying to describe for me a new route he’d found—a faster way to get to a favorite spot. I knew the intersection he was talking about. But he said to turn left… Read More

#86: Let Grace Win

John Newton, author of the well-loved hymn Amazing Grace, became famous in England as a preacher and as an opponent of slavery—remarkable, for at one time he’d captained a large slave ship. His life was completely transformed by… Read More

#83: That’s What Friends Are For

On May 15, 2001, I took my first and only ride on a helicopter. I remember the date because that ride was a life-flight—with our fourteen-year-old son, who nearly lost his life that day in a bicycle accident…. Read More

#60: The Spirit of Bartimaeus

On His way to Jerusalem, Jesus passed through Jericho. The road would’ve been crowded with people traveling toward the Holy City for the coming week’s Passover feast. Many of those travelers attached themselves to Jesus and His companions,… Read More

#45: Blind Faith

I’m a fan of contemporary Christian music, with several favorite artists or bands. One of them is Jeremy Camp. I’ve appreciated his unique witness, and several of his songs speak to me. But one of his latest songs… Read More