#61: Three Forgotten Steps to Christian Maturity

Gerald was a stubborn man. Downright mean to his wife, his marriage had been a matter of sheer endurance for years. Gerald showed up for church services every Sunday at 10:45 on the dot and was proud of… Read More

#60: The Spirit of Bartimaeus

On His way to Jerusalem, Jesus passed through Jericho. The road would’ve been crowded with people traveling toward the Holy City for the coming week’s Passover feast. Many of those travelers attached themselves to Jesus and His companions,… Read More

#59: Trashing the Trivial

Maria is a very good Bible teacher. She invests a lot of time preparing sessions for her class of kids. One year for Easter Sunday, she’d worked hard and felt especially good about the lesson she’d planned. Sunday… Read More

#58: The Last Word

Happy Wednesday! “Hump Day” it’s come to be called—mid-week, when we need a little boost to survive till weekend. Each week I pray that this post gives you a shot of spiritual energy and encouragement halfway between Sundays…. Read More

#57: What’s Your Limit?

My new friend Becky has a chicken coop in her yard. It’s a really nice new chicken coop that she and her husband worked hard to build. But it’s empty. No chickens. Not even a peep. You see,… Read More

#56: Like a Child

It had been a long day, begun by a troubling phone call that left me rushed to get to work, then several hours filled with unusually difficult, demanding customers. I came home with head aching and shoulders tight…. Read More