Easter Sunday: HE LIVES!!

This is the final post of an eight-day devotional designed to help you praise Christ each day of Easter week. Thanks for joining in! Friday had been a day filled with grief. Saturday, a day of despair and… Read More

#92: From Sad to Happy

One of my early childhood memories of being in church centers around a hymn I called the “Sad/Happy Song.” It began with a slow, somber verse: Low in the grave He lay, Jesus my Savior, Waiting the coming… Read More

#58: The Last Word

Happy Wednesday! “Hump Day” it’s come to be called—mid-week, when we need a little boost to survive till weekend. Each week I pray that this post gives you a shot of spiritual energy and encouragement halfway between Sundays…. Read More

#29: A Platform for Praise

Welcome to Knowing Jesus, our study through Mark’s gospel. Last week, we read about a woman healed by touching Jesus’ robe. Her story is woven into another—of a frightened father and his dying daughter. Today, we’ll learn the… Read More

#27: Hope for the Hopeless

He was the picture of misery. Naked, scarred from numerous cuttings and self-mutilation, isolated by his own insane raging, he was both feared and afraid. Well-meaning people had tried to bring him under control; they bound him many… Read More

#20: When Your Family Doesn’t Believe

Patti* became a Christian during her junior year of high school. Her mother was furious, believing Patti had been overtaken by a cult. When Patti clung to her new faith in spite of intense family pressure to abandon… Read More

#18: In His Presence

Welcome to our study, Knowing Jesus! Have you ever wondered what it was like to be in Jesus’ presence? Let’s read from the Word. Read Mark 3:7-12. Also read Matthew 9:35-36 and 12:15-21. The Jewish leaders’ foul attitude… Read More

#11: Lessons Learned

Welcome back to our study on Mark. We’re on a mission to know Jesus better. So glad you’re here! Pick up your Bible and read on. Read Mark 1, letting your mind wander back over all we’ve discussed… Read More

#8: Healing In His Wings

Centuries before the Word became flesh, the prophet Malachi wrote, “…The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings.” (Mal. 4:2 NKJV) Today we’ll see another facet of Jesus—as Healer, the Great Physician. Jump in as… Read More

A Voice In the Desert

What is God asking me to do? What’s my job, my role? Our “Wednesday In the Word” study this week focused on John the Baptist’s role, preparing the way for Jesus. He was the voice in the desert… Read More