#27: Hope for the Hopeless

He was the picture of misery. Naked, scarred from numerous cuttings and self-mutilation, isolated by his own insane raging, he was both feared and afraid. Well-meaning people had tried to bring him under control; they bound him many… Read More

#8: Healing In His Wings

Centuries before the Word became flesh, the prophet Malachi wrote, “…The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings.” (Mal. 4:2 NKJV) Today we’ll see another facet of Jesus—as Healer, the Great Physician. Jump in as… Read More

#7: When Satan Goes to Church

Hi! So glad you’ve joined us for Knowing Jesus, our study in Mark’s gospel. Last time, we looked at Jesus as a teacher. Today, we’ll see how He handled a demon in the synagogue. What happens when Satan… Read More