#63: Fully Aware

Sunday, the first day of Passover week, was a busy time in Jerusalem. Jews from all over the world came to celebrate how God had spared their ancestors’ firstborn sons during the tenth plague. Exodus 12 told the… Read More

#44: Knowing When to Walk Away

Some time ago, a friend confronted me. The uncomfortable exchange ended badly. I couldn’t persuade her that she’d misunderstood a situation. Hours, days, weeks later, I was still going over the conversation in my mind, wondering what more… Read More

#39: Living From the Heart

If I ask twelve Christians to give me a list of the ten most sinful things fellow Christians do, I will get a dozen different responses. Oh, there will be two or three common items. But one person’s… Read More

#37: Crisis Faith or Constant Faith?

Where were you on 9/11? Most people recall with crystal clarity where they were when the first hijacked plane hit the World Trade Center. Most also know where they were on the first Sunday after 9/11. Churches all… Read More

#36: 100% Power!

Many years ago, I was asked to sing at a Christmas Eve service. For weeks in advance I practiced a song I loved, excited at a chance to sing it. Then on the Sunday before Christmas, that song… Read More

#35: Trust Without Borders

How far do I trust God? Have I ever had one single moment of true faith that had no boundaries? That’s the challenging issue raised in Oceans, a wonderful song by Hillsong United that’s based on Peter’s walk… Read More

#34: God’s Wonderful Contrary Plan

Merry Christmas! I pray you’re having a beautiful season of celebration! In our current Wednesdays-In-the-Word series Knowing Jesus, we’ve been studying our way through Mark’s gospel. Today, we’re going to take a little jump back to a half-verse… Read More

#31: Would You Know Him?

If I’d lived in Jesus’ day, would I have recognized Him as the Messiah? Would I have accepted His deity? I think about it a lot. Apparently, I’m not the only one. Singer/songwriter Wayne Watson wrote a powerful… Read More

#29: A Platform for Praise

Welcome to Knowing Jesus, our study through Mark’s gospel. Last week, we read about a woman healed by touching Jesus’ robe. Her story is woven into another—of a frightened father and his dying daughter. Today, we’ll learn the… Read More

#25: Power Greater Than Our Storms

In her study Jesus the One and Only, Beth Moore wrote, “You and I really don’t have a clue what happens between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. If we did, it would freak us… Read More