James: Faith Meets Reality—Live Out Your Faith!

Today we wrap up our study of James. Thanks for joining me as we’ve learned how Faith Meets Reality. I’ve enjoyed sharing this journey with you, and am already looking forward to the next study that brings us… Read More

James—The New Testament’s Proverbs

This has been a trying week for our family—our own chance to “consider it all joy” (James 1:2)! We’ve admitted my mom, who suffers from dementia, to a nursing facility. It’s been a six-year journey—one some of you… Read More

James 3:13-18—Two Ways to be Wise

Last week’s study covered control of our tongues—an uncomfortable subject that steps on our toes. At some point we’ve all spoken words we regret, words that hurt someone, words that set off a sad chain reaction. This two-line… Read More

#88: A Time To Be Silent

In the moral chaos of the 1960s, the Byrds released a song that became an international hit—a bit surprising because it was based on scripture. Have you heard it? To everything—turn, turn, turn, There is a season—turn, turn,… Read More

#7: When Satan Goes to Church

Hi! So glad you’ve joined us for Knowing Jesus, our study in Mark’s gospel. Last time, we looked at Jesus as a teacher. Today, we’ll see how He handled a demon in the synagogue. What happens when Satan… Read More

#6: A New Kind of Teacher

Thanks for joining our study, “Knowing Jesus!” Today we learn a bit more from Mark’s gospel. Pick up your Bible and read on! Read Mark 1:21-22, 27-28. When Jesus taught, astonishment was a common reaction. People who’d sat… Read More