James 5:13-20—Rescue for the Weary

How would you define the difference between being tired and being weary? Think about it for a moment. Have you ever been bone-dead-weary, worn out from a lengthy struggle of some kind? Listen to a good description of… Read More

James 5:7-12—Prepare To… Wait!

  You’ve heard people joke, “Never pray for patience!” I’ve not met a single person who likes to wait, who enjoys being patient—and I’ll bet you haven’t either. When we ask for something, we want it now—if not… Read More

Guest post from Jessica!

Hi everyone! Diane here to introduce Jessica, the creator and host of an exciting new website that is about to launch. I’m delighted to be a regular contributor at JOYful Home and Life, and join Jessica in inviting… Read More

A Voice In the Desert

What is God asking me to do? What’s my job, my role? Our “Wednesday In the Word” study this week focused on John the Baptist’s role, preparing the way for Jesus. He was the voice in the desert… Read More

A Lesson From the Yalunka

I love this powerful video! On February 3, 2013, the Yalunka people of West Africa—dressed in their best, singing and celebrating—greeted the arrival of trucks bringing cases of Bibles. For the first time ever, they held Bibles in… Read More