#33: He Knows the Pain of Loss

Growing up, my cousin Amy and I were very close. We didn’t see each other often but when we got a chance to spend time together, we had tons of fun! We still don’t see each other often;… Read More

#3: To Fulfill All Righteousness

I hope you’re enjoying our study of Mark, with our goal being to know Jesus better! Be sure to check out the first two blogs of this series in the archive if you’ve missed them. Today we’re looking… Read More

A Voice In the Desert

What is God asking me to do? What’s my job, my role? Our “Wednesday In the Word” study this week focused on John the Baptist’s role, preparing the way for Jesus. He was the voice in the desert… Read More

#2: Preparing the Way

Welcome to our study on Mark! Last week, we were introduced to Jesus as the Word, who became the Son of God. (Check the archive for that study if you missed it.) Today we’ll see the preparations God… Read More