Easter Sunday: HE LIVES!!

This is the final post of an eight-day devotional designed to help you praise Christ each day of Easter week. Thanks for joining in! Friday had been a day filled with grief. Saturday, a day of despair and… Read More

#94: Giving Thanks for Chapter Sixteen

Welcome to Knowing Jesus as we wrap up the final chapter of Mark’s gospel. This post was delayed a week because last Tuesday evening—when I usually post to my blog—we were dealing with frozen/burst water pipes at our… Read More

#91: Between the Lines

You’ve heard the phrase, “Read between the lines.” It implies missing information, something more to be discovered with a closer look. From the end of Mark 15 to the beginning of Mark 16 we find just such a… Read More

#62: The Passion of Jesus

Welcome to Knowing Jesus, our study of Christ’s life through the Spirit-inspired pen of Mark. Our goal is to learn all we can from Jesus, who stepped down from glory into human flesh so we could see how… Read More

#58: The Last Word

Happy Wednesday! “Hump Day” it’s come to be called—mid-week, when we need a little boost to survive till weekend. Each week I pray that this post gives you a shot of spiritual energy and encouragement halfway between Sundays…. Read More