#60: The Spirit of Bartimaeus

On His way to Jerusalem, Jesus passed through Jericho. The road would’ve been crowded with people traveling toward the Holy City for the coming week’s Passover feast. Many of those travelers attached themselves to Jesus and His companions,… Read More

#57: What’s Your Limit?

My new friend Becky has a chicken coop in her yard. It’s a really nice new chicken coop that she and her husband worked hard to build. But it’s empty. No chickens. Not even a peep. You see,… Read More

#38: Creating Time

When our two oldest sons were small, on one exhausted day I’d slipped into the bathroom and locked the door. I sat down on the edge of the tub, wanting just a minute alone. Then I saw two… Read More

#11: Lessons Learned

Welcome back to our study on Mark. We’re on a mission to know Jesus better. So glad you’re here! Pick up your Bible and read on. Read Mark 1, letting your mind wander back over all we’ve discussed… Read More

#5: I Will Make You Fishers of Men

Welcome back to our study of Mark’s gospel. In our last lesson, Jesus survived His forty-day wilderness trial unscathed. Today, we’ll see Jesus begin to choose His band of brothers—the twelve disciples. Get your Bible! Read Mark 1:14-20…. Read More

#1: The Beginning

Welcome to our new study on Mark! We’ve got a lot to learn in the coming weeks. At times we’ll move quickly, at times we’ll move slowly. We’ll answer some questions and we’ll raise some questions. And we’ll… Read More