#49: A Feast for Your Soul

Bread. It’s in every country, on every continent, through every era, in some form or other. It’s all through the Bible, from manna (called the “grain of heaven” and “bread of angels” in Psalm 78:24-25), to the Passover’s… Read More

#38: Creating Time

When our two oldest sons were small, on one exhausted day I’d slipped into the bathroom and locked the door. I sat down on the edge of the tub, wanting just a minute alone. Then I saw two… Read More

For Tired Young Moms

Maybe it’s the midsummer blahs. Maybe it’s the heat. But I’ve seen lots of tuckered-out posts from TYMs (Tired Young Moms) lately. Those posts reminded me of a TYM I saw in Giant Eagle. She was in the… Read More