#1: The Beginning

Welcome to our new study on Mark! We’ve got a lot to learn in the coming weeks. At times we’ll move quickly, at times we’ll move slowly. We’ll answer some questions and we’ll raise some questions. And we’ll get to know Jesus like never before.

Ready? Open your Bible and let’s get to it!

Read Mark 1:1.

Mark calls his record “the beginning of the gospel about Jesus.” He tells what happened when the Word (referred to in John 1:1) entered the world in flesh and became known as Jesus, the Son of God. (Read Luke 1:31-32a, 35.) So Mark’s book is really the beginning of the human venture of Jesus.

But the eternal existence of the Word had no beginning. Scriptures like 1 Peter 1:20 and John 17:5 tell us that “Jesus” existed before the world began, though He wasn’t called Jesus until He was born in human form. John 1:1-3 says He—the Word—was present and active in the creation of the world, and was always “with God, and…was God.”

The Word was the expression of God, the “speaking” part of the Godhead. Any time God “spoke” in the Old Testament, the Word was there as His speaking voice. When the Word came to earth in human form, He was expressing or “speaking” to us about God—wording God—in a way we humans could relate to and understand. In Him, we can actually see how God would live as a man:
• what His priorities would be
• how He would treat His fellow men
• how He would handle betrayal
• how passionately He would love and obey His Father
• and so much more.
Jesus was God’s living, breathing demonstration!

The gospels, including Mark, clue us in that there is more to Jesus than meets the eye. This was no ordinary man. Many people who think they know who Jesus was/is, have little idea of the real scope of His identity and existence. What we’re about to learn may be very eye-opening for you. Curious about Jesus? Check back next week for more!

What do you think? Share your ideas!

If someone asked you to answer the question, “Who is Jesus?” in three sentences or less, how would you respond based on what you know now? (At the end of our study we’ll ask this same question, and see how your response has changed!)

How did the Word in human form—as Jesus—have a unique way to demonstrate God’s ideal life for us? What have you learned from His life?

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28 Comments on “#1: The Beginning

  1. The Son of God. The Savior of the world. The Word.

  2. For me this question means Jesus is the ONLY way to life. He showed me (better at age 40 than never) that I am made for Him and loved. That the end is the beginning. It’s not how others live/what others say/do/act/etc…it’s how I live. It’s complex simplicity thats not my life, it’s His life.

    • One of the zillion things I love about Jesus is that He’s always ready to teach us, no matter our age. I remember when visiting my 90-year-old grandma in the nursing home, she was excited to show me what she’d learned from the Bible that morning. She never stopped learning!

  3. I’m looking forward to this study Diane. I love the way you help me understand what God is saying!

    • Thanks, Amy! I’m looking forward to this study too. It’ll be weekly — each Wednesday. Today’s was an early bonus. Another post will be up by morning!

  4. I’m so looking forward to following this study with you, Diane. Your new blog looks wonderful! And Jesus is the Alpha and Omega; my personal Savior who died for me.

    • Thanks, Marla! Love that answer. Where would we be without Him?

  5. I know I am going to love all these lessons! Thank you for doing this!

  6. He is my Lord, my salvation, my best friend. A listening ear when I need to talk to someone and my footprints in the sand when I need someone to carry me through my problems.

  7. Im so excited to check in and follow your blog. Can’t wait to see what you post next.

    • Welcome! There’ll be a new blog post tomorrow, then each Wednesdsy after – plus some extras now & then!

    • Welcome, Jenelle! I’m really excited about this study! Glad you’ll be with us!

  8. Finally I am able to do one of your bible studies without driving 3 hours!! To answer your question…..He is everlasting life. I can’t write the whole song but when we listen to Art Bush sing “He Is” then we get a total picture.

    • Ha! This definitely beats a three-hour drive. I love that song; thanks for reminding me of it. I’ll listen to it today!

  9. Jesus is God, in human flesh. He came to be an example and demonstration of God’s love. We can’t begin to understand the depth of His love!

  10. I guess my previous question is void, because I realize now that was referring to His first coming…..but how did John and the believers “Prepare the way of The Lord” and “make His paths straight?”

    • God in the flesh… An amazing thing, all by itself!

  11. Beverly is right, we can not fathom His love for us. I keep thinking about my son Jonathan & the fact that I would never send him anywhere that I know he would be hurt or cause him pain. As parents, we want to take their pain…..but, God so loved the world that He gave a part of Himself…..Jesus knew when He left the glories of heaven the pain, agony, physical beatings, carrying the heavy cross…..and then this sinless body took on all the sins of the world….the vilest child molester, things so evil we can not imagine…..somehow Jesus bore under it. God loves us so much……our gain was greater than His loss. I still can’t get over that my Creator did that for me, for us because He wanted us to live with Him for eternity. I don’t understand it, but I will serve Him for the ret of my earthly life & then I will serve Him for eternity.

  12. Thanks again Diane, I didn’t realize you authored a book (or books)? Congrats!
    Who is Jesus? God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit!
    My God and Savior by His grace. Jesus took on a body like ours, I’m ashamed to think of all I hold onto when Jesus didn’t think equality with God was something to be grasped! He’s God, wrapped in a body like ours when on earth, humbling Himself, now God could know what it’s like to be us, totally experiencing being human, while remaining God, and yet without sin. Even though I can’t “wrap” my mind around it, I 100% know it’s true, because He said so!

    • That God would choose to enter into His own creation, becoming flesh, is incredible. Because He’s omniscient, I believe He already knew what it was like to be us. But His human state let us know He knew. Does that make sense?! For example, we now know that He’s been tempted in every way like we are. Whatever we experience, He’s been there.

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