A Heart Connection

A Heart Connection

Two weeks ago, Jim and I were invited to attend a dance recital. It featured students from a large local dance studio—55 acts’ worth. Some of the acts were impressive, some were so-so. Some were cute as could be, especially the tiny dancers. I watched folks in the crowd around us read through the program, play games on their cell phones, talk quietly with their neighbors, or lean their heads back and sleep. It was a long evening, nearly three hours long.

Of that three hours, seven minutes grabbed our full attention—when two of the tiny dancers on stage were our granddaughters. Suddenly our minds were alert, cameras were focused, eyes were eagerly watching every move. Amazing the difference, when there was a heart-connection involved!

I couldn’t help thinking of the times I’ve watched people during Bible studies or sermons, their eyes glazing over, shuffling papers, playing with their cell phones, fighting sleep. I admit there’ve been times when I’ve done the same. Even during morning devotions, our minds can so easily wander.

The difference comes when our hearts are connected. Then our focus is strong. We’re alert and listening for God to speak. I want to be ready to hear His voice; I don’t want to sleep through it!

Here’s my pledge to approach future times in the Word with a ready heart.
• I’ll pray. Whether my personal study time or group opportunities, I want to spend a few moments in advance asking God to open my mind to His Word and my ears to His voice—to open a vital heart-connection between Him and me. I’ll ask, “Lord, what do You want to say to me right now?”
• I’ll open my Bible. I’ll bring my Bible and make the effort to look up scriptures, not just sit there.
• I’ll take notes, even if I only record one or two key thoughts.
• I’ll follow up by thinking about what I’ve learned, praying about it and looking for at least one way to put it into action.

What about you? Do you establish a focused heart-connection? How? I’d love to hear your ideas!

10 Comments on “A Heart Connection

  1. Thank you Debbie, I needed to hear that today, I have been struggling with some serious issues in my life and it is difficult to stay focused on God and his glorious son Jesus…I am trying to get as many people as possible to keep me in prayer…I have many responsibilities ( as do others) I’m sure that are difficult and take up a lot time to where I can’t focus on myself a bit…thank you

      • thank you so much, I recent had a very bad (almost evil) break down , probably because I didn’t have my meds for almost 2 weeks but,I verbally attacked someone I love and totally lost it…I could even take communion the next day, I felt horrible and begged God to deal with me because I was anything but a Christian. I HATE the person I was…Thankfully God was there when me and the other party sat down and talked/cried and spoke truth to one another and thus ended the silence and being ignored..I am now going to get council from a Christian councilor and hopefully get tools I need to help me…God wants us to trust and obey his commands, I had a lot of repenting to do…thank you for your site it is inspiring to me

        • Sounds to me like you’ve taken a courageous look at your own actions—a very hard thing to do. May God be with you (and all of us) as you/we continue growing in Him.

        • Hi Cheryl, my name is Toni and I want you to know I will be lifting you up in prayer. God bless!

  2. How true that when there is relationship everything changes!

    • It is true, but it’s so easy to get lazy and let our priorities slip. I’m resolving to do better!

  3. I try to take notes then at home use them as a devotion! It doesnt always work and i have to be honest sometimes it is hard to pay attention! But I try

    • I believe every effort pays off. Especially when we open our Bibles and look up any scriptures that are mentioned — I really encourage that when I teach. We get more proficient at finding scriptures quickly, and we remember them longer. It’s worth the effort!

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