Treasured Times to Share

Treasured Times to Share

Ever since my grandma let little-girl-me play in her button box, I have loved buttons of all shapes and sizes. Among my treasured possessions is my grandma’s button box. It has no value to anyone but me. But for me, it brings back wonderful memories of time spent with her, looking at the different buttons, finding the ones that matched, and lining them up in pretty rows.

Now my granddaughters like to play in my button box. Every so often, I add a few new buttons (or old ones from my grandma’s box—they love to hear about their long-ago great-great-grandma Hilda) to keep them interested in coming back. I hope that someday after I’m gone, they’ll relive happy times with me through the “memory vehicle” of that colorful little box.

Memories are born out of simple things. Maybe you can’t afford to build memories on expensive vacations or fancy collectible toys. But you can think back to treasured moments from your early years (I’ll guarantee that many of them revolve around simple moments), then share what you loved with your children and grandchildren.

As the Thanksgiving/Christmas season approaches, take a few minutes to reflect on your best memories. Then consider how you can adapt or recreate one or two of them for your family. Keep it simple, and make it fun!

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  1. My grandma made patch quilts. We used to
    Lay on her cast iron bed and look at all the fabric
    Pieces. Each one had a story. My sister
    And I loved to listen to my mom and grandma
    Reminisce over each “crazy quilt”. Those
    Memories cost nothing, but are priceless!

    • That’s the idea, Dee! So mamy young parents agonize over what they can’t afford to give their kids. All the while, the most precious memory-making elements are free. Your grandma, mom, and you—three generations—were brought together over simple, handmade quilts. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!

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