James 3:1-12—Legacy of a Tongue

During my college days a friend and I were looking at a bulletin board, checking out campus announcements while we caught up on each other’s lives. Conversation led to discussion about a mutual friend who was in a… Read More

James 2:14-26—Visible Faith

It was autumn of the year 1517, and the Catholic priest Martin Luther had a problem. He was increasingly troubled by the church’s do-this-do-that approach to godliness, especially when the required deeds had a big price tag attached…. Read More

Memorizing James 2:13

Hi! Just a reminder about this week’s memory verse—James 2:13. One great way to learn a verse is to make a key word bold, especially one that’s repeated two or more times. In this verse the word “mercy”… Read More

James 2:1-13—Defenders Needed

“Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting his own hard battle.” This quote has been credited to everyone from Ian MacLaren to Plato. No matter who first said it, it’s wise. Each of us has our own circumstances… Read More

James 1:13-27—Nothing But the Truth

Do you know someone who is a chronic liar, who lies when the truth would make more sense? They lose track of their stories, becoming increasingly confused about what’s true and what’s false. Eventually they believe their own… Read More

James 1:1-12—Purposeful Pain

Hi! Welcome to our brand-new study of the New Testament book of James—Faith Meets Reality. I’m expecting this journey to be much shorter than the one we just finished (nearly two years studying Mark’s gospel!). This study will… Read More

James: Faith Meets Reality

  “Life stinks!” So read a small sign dangling in the rear window of a passing car—a pricey sporty BMW. Most of us assume a person able to afford a car like that would have life pretty good…. Read More