#67: Living Light

For their fiftieth anniversary, John and Barbara planned a trip overseas. During the flight, their plane suffered engine failure. The pilot announced that an emergency landing must be made and that the only land available was an uncharted… Read More

The Beginning, Revisited

It’s wedding week at our house. This coming Friday evening, our son Michael and his fiancé Hilary will be married. So I thought this busy week would be a great time to look back at the first post… Read More

#66: Who’s In Control?

Once upon a Passover, a group of Jewish leaders and teachers sat spellbound in Jerusalem’s temple. The week-long celebration had just ended and most visitors were headed home. But here in front of the teachers sat a straggler,… Read More

#64: Mountain-Moving Faith

My favorite type of novel opens with several seemingly unrelated story lines. Slowly, chapter by chapter, the pieces come together. In time it’s clear that the stories are related. As the details fall into place, one cohesive tale… Read More