Tuesday: Language Enough to Say Thanks

This is the third post of an eight-day devotional designed to help you praise Christ each day of Easter week. Thanks for joining in! “What language shall I borrow to thank Thee, dearest Friend?” So begins the third… Read More

#81: In Everything Give Thanks

I’m not a “bandwagon” kind of girl. If everyone is raving about something, I tend to shy away from it. But this past year, I made an exception when I read a perspective-changing, heart-shaping book, the best-seller One… Read More

#17: Envy—Four Ways to Beat It (Part 2)

My friend was giving me a grand tour of her newly-built house. I do mean grand. Every room was beautiful from lofty ceiling to gleaming floor. Even the garage was perfect. Walking through her large living room, I… Read More