#47: An “Aha!” Moment

#47: An “Aha!” Moment

One of my favorite things about Bible study is the “Aha!” moment when a new breakthrough comes. When I see a truth I never saw before. When the Holy Spirit lights up a passage that never made sense before. One aha moment often opens a door to several more insights, giving Him opportunity to teach me more.

I once read advice that Bible reading should be done expectantly, pen and notebook at hand, with a prayer for God to bring fresh understanding. Since then, I always try to approach my study time that way—and if I’m focused, God nearly always thrills me with something new. I love those “Aha!” moments, and I believe He does too.

We do well to remember that we’re not the only active participants in our Bible study time. The Lord is there, loving the chance to speak to us, excited when we “get it.” Just picturing Him there with us, recognizing that He’s involved, can breathe new life into our quiet time.

Welcome to Knowing Jesus, our study through Mark’s gospel, where we’ll see Peter in an “Aha!” moment of his own.

Read Mark 8:27-31. Also check out the parallel passages in Matthew 16:13-20 and Luke 9:18-21. (Stop! Don’t read any further until you’ve read the scripture. His Word is inspired, with power to change your life; my words are not. Be sure you’re taking time for His Word!)

An “Aha” Moment

Jesus and His disciples were on the road again, traveling the short distance between Bethsaida and Caesarea Philippi. While they walked, He asked, “What’s the scuttlebutt? Who are people saying I am?”

They offered several rumors they’d heard. “Some say You’re John the Baptist. Others say You’re Elijah. Still others say You’re Jeremiah or one of the other prophets brought back to life.” (A look at Old Testament scriptures like Zechariah 2:10-11, Malachi 3:1 and 4:5—just three examples of many prophecies—help us see where those ideas came from.)

Then Jesus brought it home: “What about you? Who do you say I am?”

In a flash of crystal clarity, Simon Peter spoke: “You are the Christ.” An aha moment of the first degree. Those four words expressed centuries of longing fulfilled. “You are the One we’ve waited for. Our Messiah, the Anointed One, the Promised One. You are the Deliverer, the Son of God. All our hope is in You, Desire of Nations, Rose of Sharon, Lion of Judah. Immanuel: God with us. That’s who You are.”

Matthew’s gospel gives Jesus’ delighted reaction (Mt. 16:17-19). “You’re blessed, Simon son of Jonah! This was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven.” Mark writes that Jesus then began to teach them about His real ministry to mankind (v. 31).

An Open Door

He built on their understanding of His identity and began to teach them. Don’t miss the significance of that. Less than a year remained until Calvary; He’d walked with most of the Twelve for more than a year, and with some of them for two years—well past the half-way point in His time with them. Yet they were just to a point where He could really teach them. This aha moment became the open door through which Jesus could prepare the Twelve for true purpose and life in God.

When was your last aha moment? Do you read His Word expectantly, opening a door to Him? Do you allow Him enough time to really teach you? In Revelation 3:20, the risen Christ invites, “Here I am! I’m standing at the door, knocking. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will go in and eat with him, and he with Me.” Every morning you’re invited to breakfast with the King, every afternoon to dinner, every evening to supper, every night to a midnight snack! The invitation is never withdrawn.

Take a moment to prayerfully watch this video while you ask Him to speak to you. Then read today’s scripture again—Mark 8:27-31—giving praise to your Christ who died and lives again.

© Diane McLoud 2014

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  1. wow, Diane, What a way to start the day !!! Thanks so much. The Word of God speaks…………..

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