#75: My Heart, His Temple

In Old Testament times, the prophet Ezekiel was assigned a sad task. He had to bring God’s message of judgment to His people, rebellious Israel. As a captive who had been carried off to Babylon, Ezekiel recorded a… Read More

#74: A Mighty Mite

An old story tells of a conversation between a hen and a hog. The hen approached the hog one day and said, “Our farmer has been so good to us. We always have plenty to eat. Our barn… Read More

#73: Taking Off the Mask

October is here—the month of changing leaves, crisp apples, cornstalks, costume parties, and trick-or-treat. From toddler to adult, people of all ages will don masks, transforming into princesses and ogres, angels and demons, action heroes and villains. It… Read More

#72: Jesus, Outside the Box

At the end of a busy day, I love a few minutes of “me” time. I used to unwind with a cup of tea. A good book. A soak in a hot tub. I still like all those… Read More

#71: The Rest of the Story

Paul Harvey, the well-loved radio personality, became famous for his broadcasts called “The Rest of the Story.” In each episode Harvey told an engaging story, withholding a key piece of information (like the person’s name or the story’s… Read More

#70: Are You Spiritually Fit?

Body builders are disciplined people. I have sons and brothers-in-law and friends who push themselves to work out each day, refusing to skip a day. They know how difficult it is to re-establish a routine if they let… Read More

#69: What Will Be Your Legacy?

My grandma Hilda died at age 90 after a long, active godly life. Her lifelong “career” of service to Christ began in 1928 when at age fourteen she started teaching a third-grade Sunday school class. After her death,… Read More

#68: Targeted for Transformation

I love the parables of Jesus—the prodigal son, the sower, the lost sheep, the mustard seed, the pearl of great price, and many more. Jesus was a master teller of “simple” stories with layers of meaning that commentators… Read More

#67: Living Light

For their fiftieth anniversary, John and Barbara planned a trip overseas. During the flight, their plane suffered engine failure. The pilot announced that an emergency landing must be made and that the only land available was an uncharted… Read More

The Beginning, Revisited

It’s wedding week at our house. This coming Friday evening, our son Michael and his fiancé Hilary will be married. So I thought this busy week would be a great time to look back at the first post… Read More