#24: From One Small Seed

Welcome to our current Wednesdays in the Word study! Knowing Jesus is a step-by-step look at Jesus’ life through the “lens” of Mark’s gospel. Today’s post will be a bit unusual. I want to tell you a story—a… Read More

#23: All About Results!

A contractor begins a construction project. What’s his goal? Large, neat stacks of building materials? Creative architectural drawings? No. He wants to see a building go up. Unless a useful structure results, the contractor’s plans are useless. A… Read More

#22: A Bumper Crop of Righteousness

Gardening is not my gift. I don’t have a green thumb on either hand! My best attempt involved a pre-seeded mat from Walmart, that promised a foolproof 10 x 4′ flower garden. The instructions said to simply roll… Read More